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Pierre Charpentier


I used since 3 months the Drop Controller V2. It works very fine and I took lot of colliding drops pictures, see

Thank you very much for this share !

I’am trying to convert V2 to V3 in order to trig an other flash. I made the wiring modifications and installed the sketch for Arduino and the new app in my phone.
This afternoon, I made some tests with 2 flashs and I encounter strange things.
The flash number 2 doesn’t want to fire alone. I must activate the flash Number 1 at the same time. I suspected a short in my wiring but all is normal. I must program the trig time exactly the same for flash 1 and 2 in order to trig the flash 2.
I made all these tests with BT and phone app.

Is it the same for you ?

Sorry for my poor english I’am french …