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Gordon Gilfether

Hello Martyn

The Bluetooth module is a HC-06 (cheap chinese clone) but it doesn’t have any markings on the back to identify it other that STATE printed next to a hole at one end and LEVEL 3.3v next the RX pin.

Tracking back to the sellers page on ebay I found the datasheet, much of which I don’t understand, but did note that it states default Baud rate as 9600N81: ID linvor: Password 1234. It also shows the AT command set and shows them as uppercase.

The TX pin on the BT module is connected directly to pin A1 on the Nano. The RX pin on the BT module connects to the resistors with 2Kohm going to ground and 1Kohm connecting to jumper wire going direct to pin A0 on the Nano. Power pin on BT module to 5v and ground pin to ground.

I have also tried connecting the BT module directly to a Arduino Nano powering it from the 3.3v pin and connecting the BT module RX pin to TX pin on Uno and the BT module TX pin to RX on Uno. Still can’t get any respone to AT commands. Have tried it at all baud rates except 115200 as it appears that PC’s cannot support that rate.

If I were to replace the module would I be better with an HC-05.

Thanks again for your help and advice. I feel I am so close and quite excited to get it operating.