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Hi Martyn.
It’s very nice idea and implementation.
I was looking for something like that and finally found it.

That’s why I made the drop controller, I’ve uploaded a progam and almost everything works fine except for the shutter button. I use Canon Rebel XSI and Canon 7D, and both have the same problem, that is, the shutter release and sometimes (sporadically) the flash do not work. I checked the wires, the sockets on the board because I thought that something is not in contact somewhere, but here everything is ok.
Most often, the shutter does not work after changing the settings in the application and camera settings.
I installed the LEDs as in dropControllerBT on a breadboard and the LEDs each time correctly signal the work of the triggers, and yet the shutter and sometimes the flash do not work properly. I changed the flash trigger pulse and camera trigger pulse times, but it did not help (LEDs last longer)
Do you know what could be the reason for this?

Best regards Leszek