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If you look inside the Arduino sketch (near the top) you will find where the pins are defined:
// Pins
const byte LED_WAITING = 2;
const byte LED_ACTIVE = 3;

const byte sol1_TriggerPin = 7;
const byte sol2_TriggerPin = 8;
const byte sol3_TriggerPin = 9;

const byte sol4_TriggerPin = 4;
const byte sol5_TriggerPin = 5;
const byte sol6_TriggerPin = 6;

const byte cam_TrigShutterPin = 10;
const byte cam_TrigFocusPin = 11;
const byte flash_TrigPin = 12;

Just move these around to suit yourself.

Above the pin definitions you should see:
#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
SoftwareSerial BTserial(14, 15); // RX, TX

These are the pins used for the connection to the Bluetooth module. Pins 14 and 15 are AKA A0 and A1. Even if you do not use a Bluetooth module you should either:
– not use these pins, or
– move them to pins you are not using.

Canon trigger. On my Canon, bulb only works if you activate both focus and shutter. I would recommend connecting the focus pin even if you don’t want to use it.

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