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Dennis Dreyer

I have found a usb cable to fit the Nano. I also can attempt to try a different cable on the UNO, and also have an Arduino Mega that I have picked up from my grandson that I can try. I have tried two usb ports with the Nano and previously with the UNO. Both are usb 2.0 ports. Can also try both usb 3.0 ports on the laptop. I will try all of these later this morning when I get back to work on the setup. I have written a sketch (without the nice UI of your app) that I am using to complete the drop photography project I am working on for a photography class I am in at the local community college. Retirement gives me time to play.

By the way, the bluetooth module behaves in an identical manner on the Nano as the usb wired windows version. The android app NEVER indicates that it is connected even though it is–at least to get the 1st sequence run. Fails with the same “no reply received …”

I am located in western KY near Paducah, KY. Central Std time zone.