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Dennis Dreyer

Here is the listing prior to pushing the start button.
COM port list updated
Load drop data
– dropData file found
Initialised and ready to start

COM port list updated
comPORT = COM4
COM COM4 ïs open
HELLO sent

received data = <HELLO>
command = HELLO

HELLO reply received
START BTN is active
The flags above the debug text are:
Connect timer – OFF
Connected = TRUE

When the loop page timer window opens, the following appears as an additional line in the debug text section.
Valve number error = False
and when the start button on the loop page timer is pressed, the green led lites, the sol1 issues 2 drops, and the camera shutter triggers. The green led remains on until I ultimately clear the error of “no reply received … and exit the loop page and reset the Nano.

I do not have visual stdio installed, but can download and install the three free apps that appear on the Microsoft visual studio web page. I will attempt this tomorrow, as it is Friday evening now.