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Hi Martyn,

After some checking I think that all connections are correct. At first I didn’t connect the LED’s so i actually didn’t knew whether they would burn or not. But tonight I connected them as well. So now when I connect BT within the app, the LED on the HC-06 stops blinking and goes to a steady burn. But neither the yellow or green LED light up.

After some fiddling around, by switching back and forth between BT and PC in the sketch and trying to do the same thing over and over again at a certain point the LED’s started burning when I was trying to connect trough BT. And the button in the app finally changed to connected. the only thing is, that the LED’s only come on when i have the USB cable still connected to my PC. But at that point all options in the app work.

What could I be doing wrong, The BT module seems to work, but only when I have the USB cable connected to the PC.

Another strange thing is occuring when i don’t have the USB cable connected, and i connect with BT only (still No LES’s come on, and app shows “not conncted” button). the solenoid valve ports become powered constantly. so that they are in the “open” position.

yours, Evert