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Wim Nijholt

Hi Martyn and others,

Best wishes to you all!

It is a while ago, but I must be honest, to do what I wanted took much more time then I expected. With some interruptions about one year now. And due to Covid-19 I had some extra spare time because I did not have to travel. But I finally have some results that I can show.
I had to learn a couple of new things for dataexchange between the ESP and the user (web interface). I finally using a web service the best solution to connect the controller and keeps the user informed about the status. I also like the analog and digital input ports, since I want to use the device to replace all my other projects that were only build on a development pcb’s. such as my trigger for ‘Water Wigs’ and some other triggers I’ve build with an Arduino.
Also tried to keep the interface one to one with the app.
A lot of my code will be optimized later, but for now it is readable I think.
I have the code available on my Github, notify me and I will give you access. When it is fully working I will make it public. Just load it into PlatformIO and compile it to any ESP32 if you just want to see how it looks. If you want use it on a breadboard with valves and triggers, use a 30 pins EPS32 DEVKITC ESP32-WROOM-32U.

More information regarding the adaption of the PCB can be found later on my website. Working on it now.

With the kindest regards,