dropControllerV4: Downloads


Firmware: DC4_R3_0597 (09.11.2021)
Firmware: DC4_R2_0596 (07.11.2021)
Firmware: DC4_R1_0586 (15.09.2021)
Firmware: DC4_0585 (10.09.2021)
Firmware: DC4_0582 (01.09.2021)

Update the firmware through Settings => Update.
See dropControllerV4: Updating The Firmware for details.

– Disabled manual drain when using loop mode.
– Added a message saying cannot use manual drain while loop mode is active.

– Added better error trapping when the dropController does not respond
– When in Loop Mode, added the sequence number to the LCD display
– bug fix. There is no upper limit to the sequence number and on rare occasions, the dropController would crash when sequence number became too high. Still no upper limit and the controller may still crash should the sequence number become very high but now needs to be very very high.

– Tweaked the layout slightly.
– Added a keep alive option on the Settings Page.

Keep Alive
On mobile devices, after short period of non use, the screen may turn itself off to save power. At the same time the device may also pause things like any wifi connections. This can cause the dropController to loose the connection to the webapp. The dropController has a Keep Alive function that helps combat this, however, the Keep Alive function does not work in all situations or on all devices.
When the Keep Alive option is ON, the dropController sends a dummy signal every period to keep the connection with the webpage open/alive. This is not normally required but if you find the webapp goes to sleep and you have to refresh it turning Keep Alive ON may help.

The keep alive function does not stop the phone or tablet from going to sleep and turning off the screen. On many devices, when the screen goes off, active connections are also put to sleep. When this happens just refresh the webapp.

– Manual Drain now returns to the last tab used.
– reformatted the layout. Hopefully better for larger displays.
– Separated the firmware for 8 and 16 valve controllers

DC4_0560 (accumulative 0552-0560)
– Fixed a timing issue that caused some devices not to connect when in Local Mode.
– Display the version number on the Settings Page just above the Update button.
– Display the version number on the screen using the SET button. SET button now cycles through Connection Information => App version => Ready.
– Tweaked the layout of the Trigger section. Should look better on devices with smaller viewport sizes. Still can’t get everything exactly aligned on all devices though.
– Moved the Extension check to pin 23. On prototype PCBs this pin will be floating and may cause some issues. May randomly get the controls for 16 valves.

– Manual Drain function added.
– Started to tidy up the code, especially the css and javascript.
– Bug fixes for the 16 valve version.
– Removed the closed webpage message.

– Updated the START button position.
– Added a closed webpage message.

– Moved the START button to a fixed position at the bottom of the screen.

– Fixed an issue with delta values.