Latest Updates

Finally added a news page. I doubt there will ever be much to post here though.



Made some minor changes to dropController V3 circuit diagram. The circuit has not changed only the diagram. Wanted to show the position of the optionally manual valve drain switch more clearly.


Updated the Arduino sketches (V2 and V3), updated the windows app, updated the Android app.
dropController V3 and V2 now use the same Windows app and Android app. They still have different firmware/sketches though.


There have been offers for PCB design. René sent a design, Theo has a design, and Luc is working on a design.
I think the main one will be Luc’s but I will post all designs if the designer agrees.


Version 2 in no longer being developed.
I plan to update the V3 apps to make them compatible with the V2 controller and I will still fix bugs if any are found. If you are planning on building a controller please build version 3.