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    Theo kindly emailed his design files:

    Download the gerber files

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    The first image doesn’t match the gerber file. Did Theo provide 2 files? Thanks!

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    Hi Craig,

    the zip download are the files Theo sent to me. The image is taken from a flickr link Theo posted in another thread.

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    Hi Theo, I tried to insert on JLC the “Gerber_BoardOutline.GKO” files but in the verification gives me an error.
    I wanted to know if the PCBis is arrived and if they’re ok !!

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    Paolo, You have to submit the whole zip file to JLC PCB, not individual files. I would not recommend getting this board; at least not the one that is linked above. The file has issues with some of the component slots being the wrong orientation. I ordered 5 of these from JLC but as designed and manufactured the DC jack and the stereo 3.5mm TRS components won’t fit because of the issue. The DC/DC buck converter also doesn’t quite line up but without knowing exactly which one Theo designed for I don’t know if the issue is the board or the buck converter I got. Cheers!

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    Ok, I immediately cancel the order, which pcb you advise me, that is tested and working. I thank you for the time you gave me.

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    I’m currently waiting for the PCB from Luc to arrive. I will let you know when I get a chance to test it out.

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    Theo Bosters

    hi all.
    i checked the board that i made as a final, its correct that this is a wrong layout, if its corect there must be another board layout on this side.
    i lost all the files that was made with easyeda, but i found 2 picture from the latest board i made and tested, this board is working but you must be sure that you have the same 3,5 mm stereo jack ( in the original design the contacts don’t match, so switch them if needed).
    I also found a short test movie where you can see that the board is working

    front view of the board https://www.flickr.com/photos/panchozya/48329013301/in/dateposted-public/
    and the back https://www.flickr.com/photos/panchozya/48329143652/in/dateposted-public/

    Note: this was before the updat from martyn with the other flashes but if he has the updat corect then the other flashes must also working (not tested by me)

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