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    Luc kindly emailed his design files.

    From Luc:

    I finally find the time to work further on the PCB.
    I decided to create a Eurocard format PCB. This is a common format and finding an enclosure should not be a big problem.
    On the pcb I did forsee a breadboard area for future experiments or to place a power module instead of the 78L05 that I used .
    In case you decide to place a power module you have to solder wires to the correct location. This shouldn’t be hard to do.

    There is enough silkscreen foreseen that is self explaining.

    This design is made confirm the design rules of JLCPCB. In order to manufacture the board I created a rar file that contains the Gerber data and the drill files. (see attachment).
    The link of the PCBmanufacturer can be find here: https://jlcpcb.com

    A design for manufacturing check is already done by uploading the zip file in the webtool.
    No error reports where given so this should be a walk in the park.

    However before you order , please check the schematic again to see if I didn’t make any mistakes.(see attachment)
    The PCB is netlist based so if the schematic is correct the PCB is correctly connected.

    I.E On my own PCB’s I discovered that the isolated GND connections for flash 1-3 and the camera where connected to the GND which is not allowed. This should not be the case in your design. But please double check.

    If you find issues or you want me to change something let me know.

    BTW. The gerber files can be viewed with a free gerber viewer like viewmate .
    Just extract the rar file and load the gerbers in the viewer . The same you can do with the drill files (.NCD extention).

    Download the design files
    Download schematic PDF

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