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    Android version works like a charm, it is awesome. what if we want to add multiple physical buttons (rotary types) to pass drop data to nano, what changes would be required in the sketch. asci data generator should be able to pass data to the current data parser in the same input format. Problem is I have iPhone and I don’t want to carry a laptop with me for this.

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    I presume you want to add the rotary encoders to the actual dropController device. if so this would need a major re-write/upgrade to the sketch. You also have the problem of displaying the drop values. If you want the app to update then you would need to feed the data back to the app so a rewrite of the app would be required.

    It might be worth looking at the original dropController. This is self contained and uses a keypad and LCD. No Bluetooth or app. I no longer support it but you can download the sketch here:

    Details about the original device can be found at

    One of the reasons I built the dropController in the first place was because I wanted better control over the drop data. Looked at some of the commercial devices and didn’t like the way they were controlled.

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    thanks for sharing these additional resource info. Undoubtedly the drop controller with android is amazing as it provides a lot of control to multiple drop parameters with multiple valves.

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    Ajay Dand

    Hi Martyn,

    I have built up the DropController as per your circuit, and I must appreciate the work you have put up in making the whole thing so user friendly. Everything works like a charm. However, I would like to request a feature in your android app. It would be really helpful, if there is a pause button, once you have activated the drop sequence. In case I need to make changes to camera or flash settings, or any other changes in the setup, it requires to restart the entire drop sequence from the first settings, which is kind of painful. Since I don’t have any programming experience, can you please find a way to accommodate this in your latest version of drop controller. FYI, I am using the bluetooth version of the DC. Thanks again, for this wonderful website.


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    Ajay Dand


    Please ignore the earlier post. I see that you have already answered it in a different forum.


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