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    Hi Martyn, I have started adding the camera circuit first while waiting for the valve and flash accessories to arrive. The Camera gets triggered using BT on Android, so the setup works for me but many a times it doesn’t fire (like it fires once in 2-3 trials) though the camera shutter status LED flashes as described by you. Could you please help what could be the possible reason for this behaviour. Bluetooth status light looks good. Using default settings of Android app. I’m not using diode yet. supplying ~5v from step down power regulator into “VIN” pin of nano and getting out supply from “5v” pin of nano.

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    I don’t really understand the problem. Can you explain a little more.

    The Android app sends the drop data to the dropController which then turns the valves on and off and triggers the camera and flash. It does not trigger the camera. This is done by the dropController.

    The camera triggers are on D10 and D11. D10 is the shutter and D11 is the focus. For testing, you can place LEDs (plus resistor) on these pins. This will give you a visual indication the triggers are firing.

    I have a dropController “simulator” that I use for developing the code. This is just an Arduino and some LEDs but it clearly shows when things are being triggered.

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    I have ordered valves and RCA/Phono jacks online which may take some time to get delivered so meanwhile I’m trying to test the camera (shutter+focus) connection circuit alone with D10 & D11, which is tested okay with those LEDs. So I’m testing camera connection to the stereo socket without waiting for valves circuit to be ready. I did it to make sure stereo socket is connected rightly with camera trigger cable, as I was confused to see 5 pins on the socket(I do not come from electronics background). does this test make any sense? or should I test it later only when valves and RCA/Phono jacks are available with me. while doing this test camera is fired but not always when I click start button on Android app.

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    The test makes perfect sense and it would be one less thing to worry about later.

    Have a look at This deals with only triggering a camera and may help.

    Research the shutter release cables for your camera and, if not already, take a look at

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    alright. Thank you very much for this again. cheers

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    Hi Martyn.
    It’s very nice idea and implementation.
    I was looking for something like that and finally found it.

    That’s why I made the drop controller, I’ve uploaded a progam and almost everything works fine except for the shutter button. I use Canon Rebel XSI and Canon 7D, and both have the same problem, that is, the shutter release and sometimes (sporadically) the flash do not work. I checked the wires, the sockets on the board because I thought that something is not in contact somewhere, but here everything is ok.
    Most often, the shutter does not work after changing the settings in the application and camera settings.
    I installed the LEDs as in dropControllerBT on a breadboard and the LEDs each time correctly signal the work of the triggers, and yet the shutter and sometimes the flash do not work properly. I changed the flash trigger pulse and camera trigger pulse times, but it did not help (LEDs last longer)
    Do you know what could be the reason for this?

    Best regards Leszek

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