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    Alistair Balharrie

    I have built up a 6 solenoid version, but having difficulty in getting the correct voltages.I have 12v and 5.7v in the correct rails for the solenoids and into the Arduino. However when the program runs I am only getting 0.4v at pin B of each tip120…..
    Should the Arduino light when the usb is connected and no power switched on to the power supply on the board?
    The program seems to trigger each Tip120 ok as I have LED’s that light in the correct sequence, albeit faint due to low voltage.
    My Standby and active LEDS have 2.2v across them when active.
    My Solenoids are not triggering i feel due to the low voltage across the TIP.

    Note: I have just noticed that the small blue LED on the step down power supply is also lit when only the USB cable is connected and power is switched off to the board.

    Any advice much appreciated

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    Let me expand one question.
    When the program runs what voltage is expected at each pins a9-a4 when triggered.

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    Tracked everything back and sorted now.

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    Sorry for the late reply. Busy at work.

    What was the issue?

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    Hi Martyn just a quick question on your diagram can you use a Arduino nano instead of a uno. if so do I need to change any code.

    Thanks in advance

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    sorry that should have been the other way round can you use a uno instead of a nano

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    You should be able to use the Uno without making any changes. Just use the same pin outs.

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    Thank you for the reply Martyn parts on order so will give it a go

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