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    Gordon Gilfether

    Like many others I have discovered your excellent drop controller project.
    I am onto my second build of the breadboard version, the first I couldn’t get to work and eventually found a silly mistake on my part. Now I have my second build up and running but was having difficulty trying to get the bluetooth to work.
    However I have now noticed that the current sketch does not work with the android app yet. Am I correct in assuming this and if so is there a previous version of the sketch that does or will I have to use the windows app. My problem is that I do not have sufficient space near my PC to set up the drip kit so this will be in a different location and I do not have a laptop.

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    Keymaster should work with either usb or Bluetooth.

    Just had a mini test run. App version 1-38 with Sketch and Bluetooth worked fine.

    Things to check/confirm.
    – Baud rate set to 9600
    – correct value resistors
    – resistors the right way around (the 1K resistor connects to the Arduino)

    If all these look good try a serial pass through sketch and use a Android BT terminal app with the serial monitor to ensure you have the BT module communicating properly. See If you use the sketch there you will need to change the pins used. The example uses pins 2 and 3. Change these to 14 & 15.

    Let me know how you get on.

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    Gordon Gilfether

    Hello Martyn

    Thank you for your quick response.

    I have checked the Baud rate at 9600 and at all other baud rate options matching them both in the sketch and on serial monitor. Changed the pin numbers in the serial pass through sketch. Checked resistors are correct value with 1k to arduino and 2k to ground. When powering up the circuit the bluetooth module lights up with rapidly flashing led. No communication, can’t get any response from AT commands. Tried BT terminal App and still no communication. I think I will send for a new Bluetooth module in case the current one is faulty. So I will not waste your time any further at the moment until I replace the bluetooth module and will let you know if I have any further success then.
    Thanks a lot.

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    Not a waste of time.

    Although it is possible, it is unlikely the BT module is faulty. You don’t say what module you have. Is it a HC-05 or a HC-06 (Bluetooth Classic)? It is important to determine exactly what module you have.

    Different modules have different firmware. This means different command formats and (in some cases) different baud rates.

    Getting no response from AT commands is normally a problem with the connections, or the baud rate, or the format of the commands. Assuming you do have a HC-06 try upper case commands, lower case commands, then the same again using different baud rates. 38400 is also common.

    If you still have issues look through the other website. I have information about various BT modules there.

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    Gordon Gilfether

    Hello Martyn

    The Bluetooth module is a HC-06 (cheap chinese clone) but it doesn’t have any markings on the back to identify it other that STATE printed next to a hole at one end and LEVEL 3.3v next the RX pin.

    Tracking back to the sellers page on ebay I found the datasheet, much of which I don’t understand, but did note that it states default Baud rate as 9600N81: ID linvor: Password 1234. It also shows the AT command set and shows them as uppercase.

    The TX pin on the BT module is connected directly to pin A1 on the Nano. The RX pin on the BT module connects to the resistors with 2Kohm going to ground and 1Kohm connecting to jumper wire going direct to pin A0 on the Nano. Power pin on BT module to 5v and ground pin to ground.

    I have also tried connecting the BT module directly to a Arduino Nano powering it from the 3.3v pin and connecting the BT module RX pin to TX pin on Uno and the BT module TX pin to RX on Uno. Still can’t get any respone to AT commands. Have tried it at all baud rates except 115200 as it appears that PC’s cannot support that rate.

    If I were to replace the module would I be better with an HC-05.

    Thanks again for your help and advice. I feel I am so close and quite excited to get it operating.


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    Gordon Gilfether

    Hi Martyn

    Solved the problem. Silly mistake on my part. I had the TX and RX pins on the arduino nano the wrong way round. Now able to get a response from AT commands but needed to have both NLandCR selected. Can also communicate now using BT Terminal.

    Have tried connecting BT controller app, I select the HC-06 from paired devices but big blue button at the top still shows Not Connected. If I try to connect again I get a box up saying Close Connection to dropController Yes/No which seems to imply there is a connection although the blue button does not confirm this. I have not used any of the button options on the dropController to see if there is indeed a connection as I do not have the rest of the drop control rig set up yet. Just trying to confirm everything working at each stage of the build.


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    Have a look at the trouble shooting guide –

    You can also double check the connection by using a BT terminal app
    Connect to the dropController using the BT terminal app,
    Then enter <HELLO>
    The dropController should reply with <HELLO>

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    Gordon Gilfether

    Hi Martyn

    Many thanks for your help all working OK now. Just need to start making drops now.

    May I also thank you for kindly sharing this project and all the work you have put into it.


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