The dropController is a DIY Arduino based solenoid valve controller used in water drop photography. It can create or control up to 9 drops from 1 to 6 valves.

The dropController features:
– Connection for camera focus and shutter trigger
– Connection for flash trigger
– Connections for 6 solenoid valves (image still show the 3 valve version)
– Optional LEDs to show when camera, flash and valve triggers are active
– Optional switches for draining the valves

– Up to 9 drops. Each drop separately controlled
– Mirror lock up option
– Bulb mode or shutter trigger only
– Camera shutter and focus control (auto focus only)
– Flash trigger control
– Loop mode (Keep looping until you stop it)
– Increase or decrease times while looping
– Auto save drop data
– Auto save main settings

The below video introduces the dropController and explains Loop Mode and delta values. In the video I am using a 3 valve version of the dropController with a single valve. It is controlled from the Android app. This is a very simple dining room table setup using a retort stand, a single valve and milk as the liquid. Using a lab/retort stand is an easy and fairly cheap way to get started with drop photography.

Since the project is DIY, you can build it how you like; on a bread board or put it inside a project box.
dropControllerBT Bread BoarddropControllerPC_finalBox_01_800

The dropController is controlled over Bluetooth from an Android app or a Windows program, or by USB from the Windows program. Sorry no IOS versions.

All files and diagrams can be downloaded and just about anybody should be able to build their own dropController.



While I wish to retain all rights I also feel it is important to make this information available so all information in this website is free for non-commercial use and you are free to:
– Share, copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format.
– Adapt, change, or add to the material.
I would appreciate if you give appropriate credit, ideally provide a link back to this website.

If you do change or add features to the dropController please let me know so I can include on the website (with credit).

As off March 2017 there is only one version of the dropController. I have merged the dropControllerBT and dropControllerPC devices (they were basically the same) and removed the original dropController.

Until I manage to rewrite the website there will still be references to dropControllerBT and dropControllerPC. Please treat these as the same thing.